The stars of this expansion are two cheapest R6 Credits

  • The stars of this expansion are two Italian operators: Alibi and Maestro. Alibi is a attacker with a deployable hologram designed to divert opponents, and by the media release it sounds as the cheapest R6 Credits hologram will generate a near-perfect facsimile of their character. Maestro is a defender with access to bulletproof, laser-beam shooting remote-operated turret capable of watching smoke, that sounds like it could be hugely overpowered but will no doubt be cut down to size in the reconciliation procedure. Both are members of the Italian Gruppo di Intervento Speciale, or G.I.S.

    The map takes us into some stately villa belonging to a mafiosos who are apparently trying to destroy documents after having caught wind of Operation Para Bellum. The screenshots we can view show extensive reasons, a handsome brick cellar and a few tapestry-adorned hallways.

    We are also getting some new gameplay features to go together with the new material, chief among them the"Select and Ban" system which enables players to ban certain operators from games and attempt to strategize against possible opponent picks.

    It is not as game-changing since the PvE mode introduced with Chimera, but then again this is not a game that's thrived on refinement to its core gameplay more than anything else. We are best page going to see more soon, but for now I'm awaiting casually shooting some wine bottles in the basement.

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